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We take pride in providing the highest quality IT Managed Services on the market. With over 20 years of Information Technology experience, IT Valhalla has a firm grasp of the latest industry standard business technologies.

  • Experienced Customer Service
  • Quick Response Times
  • 24/7 Support for Contract Clients
  • Flexible Pricing Structure
  • Proven Track Record
  • Certified IT Engineers
  • Client Support Portal
  • Knowledge in all areas of IT

IT Valhalla provides enterprise level IT Support with a heavy focus on friendly and experienced customer service for small to large company sizes. We offer total technology support for PC, Linux, and Macintosh environments. Our company goal is to help you strategize, implement, manage, and maintain your company’s critical technology systems to help you avoid technical issues, downtime, data catastrophes, and lingering issues waiting to cause a “fire”.

Let us be your go to technology experts! IT Valhalla offers support for multiple situations, including assistance with workstation maintenance, major planning cycles, enterprise installation tasks such as local area network setup, new server deployment, data migration, backup solutions, web presence, and database management.

Also, 90% of what we do can be done remotely! We leverage the latest remote management tools to monitor and troubleshoot devices. Our network monitoring solutions alert us whenever there is a potential issue to help mitigate any downtime you may experience.

IT Valhalla is ready to start working for you today! Contact us for a free 45 minute consultation. We will review and talk about your technical requirements and business needs. We look forward to working with you!

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Santa Barbara, California

IT Valhalla - Santa Barbara California
IT Valhalla - Data Center

20 Years of

IT Business Experience

Why Choose Us

We deal with all aspects of
professional IT Services

We have full confidence in our skills at IT Valhalla. Below are just some of the Information Technology services we offer:

Network Administration 100%
Application Development 100%
Server Deployment 100%
Windows/MacOS Troubleshooting 100%
Web Design & Hosting 100%
Cloud Services 100%

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