Christopher Spence Pratt

President & CEO
With an extremely inquisitive interest and passion for computers from a young age, Christopher started his journey into the world of Information Technology. What started with playing video games on the Commodore 64, Apple II Series, and PC MS-DOS, quickly turned into dismantling devices to interpret how they functioned. Later he delved into programming QBasic applications.

By 1994, Christopher was running a pre-internet communication service known as a BBS (Bulletin Board System), allowing users to connect via Dial-up and access Message Boards, Files, and multi-user Chat. With the introduction of wide-scale home Internet access in the mid 90’s, he moved on to honing his skills in HTML Web Design and server hosting environments.

At the age of 16, Christopher started his first job in Information Technology at Karl Storz Imaging performing network administration, computer software and hardware repair, and IT Help Desk support. During this time, he continued to develop his Information Technology skills.

Now more than 20 years later, Christopher has built an impressive knowledge of Network/Server Administration, Programming, and Enterprise Level Information Technology skills.
  • Experience :
    25 Years
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    Santa Barbara, CA USA
Automation 100%
Development 100%
Growth Strategy 100%
Technology Implementation 100%
Infrastructure Management 100%
Network Administration 100%

Career Guidelines

Christopher has held positions as an IT Engineer, Systems Administrator, and Lead Web Developer for multiple Santa Barbara companies such as QAD, Karl Storz Imaging, Agility Communications, Impulse Advanced Communications, as well as holding the IT Manager position at the MSP Latitude 34 Technologies.

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