Outsourced Chief Technology Officer - Santa Barbara California

Outsourced Chief Technology Officer

An Outsourced Chief Technology Officer (CTO) examines the long and short-term needs of your organization and then invests in new technology or updates and redesigns old technology to meet those needs. This way, your company can effectively reach internal objectives and create products that meet consumer demands and provide value.

Our Outsourced CTO position acts as a manager for your company’s technologies, engineers, IT support, and tech partners. We can help to identify risks in company cybersecurity systems and ensure that your company’s services and products are up to required standards.

Why use IT Valhalla Outsourced CTO?

The main argument for CTO outsourcing is the experience. Nothing beats real-life experience from someone who has a clear picture of the technological space and can give you an unbiased view of your service or product as a whole. We will:

  • Ensure your business and technological strategies are aligned.
  • Provide in-depth advice on tech stack and technical issues to help inform the decision-making process for stakeholders.
  • Effectively plan your monthly and yearly IT budget.
  • Define a clear roadmap for your management and developer teams. Where you’re starting from and where you’re headed in the long run.
  • Define short-term and long-term goals for the business to ensure everyone has a clear direction.
  • Prepare you for a due diligence process, identify risks and define risk-reducing operations.
  • Review and analyze your IT department, company's technologies and advise on how to increase productivity.
  • Supervise and lead the tech team recruitment process.
  • Handle delivery of technology initiatives and ensure risk-reducing operations.
  • Tie-up management team and software development team in the company.

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